All Sewn Up Videos

I am passionate about helping others learn to sew or to reignite the passion for sewing through workshops, tutorials and the next natural step was to film some ‘All Sewn Up’ YouTube videos.

I have videos for setting up your sewing machine through to making a cushion and handy tips like hand sewing techniques. I hope you like them and that they prove useful to you if you need a bit of help with your machines or to learn a few new skills.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

  • Neatening the End of a Ribbon: Sewing Tips

  • The Magic Pen: Sewing Tip

  • Choosing the Right Needle: Sewing Tip

  • Sewing a Buttonhole

  • How to Make a Simple Cushion: Sewing Tutorial

  • How to Do Gathering: Sewing Tips

  • Learning How to Hand Sew

  • Introduction to the Sewing Machine Part 1

  • Introduction to the Sewing Machine Part 2: Sewing a Seam