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Calico For Sampling

Calico – Medium Weight.
60 inches wide.

Due to its strength but delicate texture, medium-weight cotton calico is perfect for sampling when dressmaking. I used it for all of my samples for my book, Dressmaking. The Easy Guide. The collection featured in the book was created with cotton prints, so the medium weight calico was perfect to sample these.

This calico is sold by the metre so please choose the amount you need and it will be cut in one length.

Please note – When making a sample (toile) you shouldn’t need to wash it but if you do choose to wash it, follow these steps. Wash at a temperature of between 30 and 40 degrees. In the first wash, the fabric will shrink by up to 10% to 15%. As long as the first wash temperature is not exceeded, further shrinking should be at a minimum.