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Kids Half Term Workshops

* Dates for the summer holidays are not yet confirmed.  *
Please email to show an interest.
If you are wondering what to do with the children during Half Term, why not let them learn a new skill which they can continue at home 🪡

The Half Term Workshops are for ages 7+. They range from hand sewing workshops at £15 to machine sewing at £20. ✂
The hand sewing workshops have full kits to complete. The machine sewing workshops allow each child to be fully creative and to create a totally unique design which they can sew together on the machine.

* All of the workshops will have everything needed.
* The kettle will be on and plates of biscuits provided!
* Every child must be accompanied by an adult to help and support the child during, and after the workshop.
* All workshops are suitable for aged 7+.

Limited spaces for each workshop. Booking is essential.  If there are any problems booking, please just get in touch!