Helen Rhiannon

Helen Rhiannon is a successful bridal wear designer, bestselling author, and sewing expert. Her love of sewing started at an early age in school and then took her to London to complete a degree in Fashion Design.  Returning home to Wales, Helen set up her business and created bespoke garments ranging from prom dresses, pageant dresses and occasion wear, before specialising in her main love of bridal wear.

Helen has always loved to share the skills and knowledge that she has gained over the last twenty years of dressmaking and teaching. Her time teaching in education has seen her teach in secondary school right through to Further and Higher education. Helen co developed the first Fashion and Textile Apprenticeship in Wales and is also a Big Ideas Wales Role Model. Her sewing workshops have attracted people from all over the world.

In 2023, her two worlds came together and ‘Dressmaking: The Easy Guide’ was finally published.  Her passion for a perfect fit, her wealth of dressmaking knowledge and her teaching experience, all contributed to writing the book, which has become an instant bestseller and is fast becoming the dressmaking bible for any sewist.

The Author

‘Dressmaking: The Easy Guide’ was published in June 2023 and was on its fourth reprint by December 2023.  It has taken the sewing industry by storm.  The book teaches the reader to work like a designer and make a toile to perfect the fit, before pattern cutting their own wardrobe.  The response to the book has been phenomenal, with a Facebook group of 12K+ dressmakers from all around the world.  The clear and concise instructions have been complimented on many a time along with the wide range of photos to help the reader.  Photos from some of Helen’s favourite places in Gower, flow through the book.  ‘Dressmaking: The Easy Guide’ is Helen Rhiannon’s second published book by Search Press. 

The first book, ‘Sew Perfect Pets’ is a delightful book containing 18 animal themed projects for the home.  It was published in 2018 and is still very popular today. Helen launched ‘Sew Perfect Pets’ on Sewing Quarter TV in 2018 and it was a sellout. Helen started demonstrating on Sewing Quarter TV and the love for dressmaking shone through. With rave reviews from viewers about Helen’s knowledge and clear guidance, Helen approached Search Press with the idea of a dressmaking book and the rest is history!

Watch this space for the next book on trousers.

Sewing Teacher

Whilst running her bespoke business, Helen qualified as a teacher. Her teaching experience ranges from teaching Design & Technology at Secondary School, through to teaching Fashion Design and Pattern Cutting at Further and Higher education. Helen also co-developed and ran the first Apprenticeship Pilot in Wales in Fashion and Textiles. Helen has a deep passion for promoting creative skills in education and allowing people of all ages to develop skills and careers in the industry.Over the years, through her own business, Helen has taught thousands of children and adults how to sew everything from clothing to soft toys. Sharing the skill of sewing has been incredibly rewarding over the years and Helen continues to teach all ages through her courses. Currently it is primarily dressmaking but children and adults are all picking up the skills, which is fantastic to see.Helen can also be found teaching at large sewing events such as 'Sewing For Pleasure' at the Creative Craft Shows at the NEC.

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Bridal Designer

Helen Rhiannon has designed and made a huge array of beautiful, unique dresses over the years.  She is inspired by the 40’s and 50’s especially, as it was a time when women wore dresses which accentuated their figure, and their look was always so polished.  Being able to create a beautifully fitted dress for every bespoke bride has always been Helen’s passion, as she truly believes that a good fit shows a woman at her best. 

Bridal wear is still a great passion but with the success of ‘Dressmaking: The Easy Guide’, Helen has taken a break from creating bespoke bridal wear.  It isn’t the end, and I’m sure she will be back when the time is right.  Until then, here are a selection of Helen’s favourite bespoke dresses from her bridal career.

I have bought many sewing books over the years but this book is the best ever. Incredible. It's easy to understand. I'm now able to make me sized dresses skirts and tops in my style by adapting my pattern blocks. No more buying expensive patterns and Helen even has a Facebook group to help you along with advice and videos. Don't hesitate this truly is a great find.
Sara W