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Lantern Kits

These Lantern kits require NO sewing at all!  They have everything you need inside to make 3 lanterns apart from the fabric.  You need 50cm x 30cm of fabric to make each lantern with lots left over. You can use lightweight cotton, heavy weight and even wall paper.

Use these kits to make beautiful, professionally finished lanterns in your choice of fabric that can be used all around the home or for any event.  They can be fashioned to anything you please they will deliver unique mood lighting for Romantic Evenings, Dinner Parties, Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas or Halloween.

The kit comes with full instructions and all of the tools you need to make each lantern.  You will need to buy the flickering LED candles to go inside.  Be warned, they are slightly addictive!

What size will my covering need to be?
Your covering needs to be 350mm wide x 150mm to cover the self-adhesive panel supplied.

Lantern Assembled Size
100mm Diameter x 120mm High

What’s in the box?
6 x 3.25mm metal rings
3 x Clear Self-adhesive panels size 326mm x 145mm
1 x 3mtr roll self-adhesive tape
3 x Circular PVC Base discs
3 x Circular PVC Base discs with candle holder
3 x Edging tools for finishing.