Hear from those who have purchased the bestselling book, Dressmaking The Easy Guide.
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What my customers say

I’ve really enjoyed working from your excellent book Helen, accompanied with your highly informative and friendly videos, with you chatting to us about different aspects of dressmaking, then giving the tutorial on whatever part we want help on – absolutely first class! I’ve loved sewing all my life, mainly doing alterations to fit my petite frame, but venturing into making dresses from patterns last year. It was discovering you – and your book on Facebook that really has been a game-changer for me though! I’ve loved the whole process of creating the toile from your instructions, the precise measuring and clear and concise descriptions of each stage. Superb. I was over the moon and excited to know I’d be able to create a dress to fit me perfectly at last! I’m so thankful for your book and can’t recommend you highly enough! You’ve made a complex process very understandable!

Lesley Taylor

I have bought many sewing books over the years but this book is the best ever. Incredible. It’s easy to understand. I’m now able to make me sized dresses skirts and tops in my style by adapting my pattern blocks. No more buying expensive patterns and Helen even has a Facebook group to help you along with advice and videos. Don’t hesitate this truly is a great find.

Sara W

It’s the best dress making book you will ever purchase!

Victoria H

This book is a game changer. l have bought many dress patterns only to be disappointed with the completed garment as always needing to make many alterations to get a good fit.By following the instructions in the book which are easy to follow I now have a block the fits. The book costs less than some patterns with options for lots of dresses tops and skirts so in future will be my bible .Helens support and videos are a bonus. Would recommend to anyone whatever their level of experience .

Susan J

This book will become the ‘bible’ for anybody wishing to make their own clothes. Beautifully presented, with excellent photographs that guide you through step by exciting step.

Fran T

Can I just say I have dyslexia and find following patterns hard but I have the book and this is the first time in 5 years my bust fitting has fitted me all by following the pictures, I was so happy I cried.


The simplest yet most comprehensive tutorial you’ll ever buy! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 September 2023 I’ve looked at 100s of videos and all kinds of books, and been to classes over the years, but nothing compares to Helen’s straightforward, crystal clear explanations of creating patterns to suit YOUR particular body shape. I love working through the book at my own pace, supported by Helen’s regular very clear videos, and the wonderfully supportive online community which has developed around it. As you can tell, I can’t praise it enough.

Amazon Review

Dressmaking The Easy Guide is your dressmaking ‘go to’…beautifully written and illustrated. The only book you’ll need to create a brand new wardrobe that will fit any body shape.


This book demystifies what had always been a complicated process for me. Finally, a dress that fits me, and not just parts of me. I no longer have to accept ‘close enough’ because of what I have learned here. It’s really quite liberating and empowering.