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Medium Weight Interfacing F220 – 304

This medium weight interfacing is perfect to use for dressmaking and also household projects. I recommend using it in my new dressmaking book, Dressmaking. The Easy Guide. It is great to use with medium to lightweight fabrics, to give fabrics a little more structure, without making them too stiff.  I use it for collars, facings and waistbands when dressmaking, and projects such as the Organiser or Zipped Purse projects.

The rough side is the glue.  Do not iron this side!  Place it rough side down, onto the wrong side of your fabric and iron with a dry heat (no steam) on two dots.   Hold your iron for approximately 6-8 seconds in one place before moving along your fabric. Take your time to make sure it has been fixed to your fabric properly.

Please note: –
It is 90cm wide.
The interfacing is sold by the metre.  Choose 1 for one metre, 2 for two metres and 3 for three metres etc.

About Vlieseline
For more than 75 years Vilene has become the essential interlining for all kinds of applications.  Personally, I only use Vlieseline by Freudenberg for all of my projects.